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Join the people you love in Grija's safe Circle

Connect, Care and Share

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about grija

Grija creates a safe Circle for caring and sharing

Grija is the space where families and assistants gather and share information about those needing care in a safe Circle. They use Grija to stay connected and informed. For the loved one who needs care, the Circle is the place to thrive in a safe environment.

From a tech point of view, Grija is a software solution consisting of a simplified mobile application with an intuitive design for the people receiving care and their assistants. Also, an advanced mode of the application and a web app for the family to contribute the information.

recommended for

Everyone involved in the process of care


Safe sharing of information about those in need of care.

Care Providers

Caring is structured and paperless for care providers.

Care Recipients

You are not alone and isolated in your Grija Circle.

Care Homes and Agencies

Help carers and families communicate openly.


Features overview


Simplified App Modes

Simplified modes of the app for the person needing care and the assistant. Clean design, no tech skills, and information input required. To be used both on tablets and smartphones.

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Safe Care Circle

Create or join the Circle built around the one in the family needing care. Have an overview of the care provided for him/her together with the rest of the participants added to the Circle.

Different Access Rights

The Family Admin is the one to form the Circle, invite the participants and assign their roles/rights. The different roles are: Family Admin, Family Member, Family Bond and Assistant.

Medicines Visibility

The Family Admin adds the list of medicines and the information regarding their intake for the Family Bond (the one cared for). The rest can see and utilize this information.

Photo Albums and Stories

The Family Admin creates photo albums with valuable memories. The family adds Photo stories. Altogether great tools to create, keep and share memories within the family.

Safe Information Sharing

Information and contacts are shared only in the Circle amongst the invited participants. All are safely stored online for the family and the carer so he/she stays informed and connected.

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about US

We are familiar with the issues in the care industry

Bulbera is a software development company focusing on developing projects with social impact.
Our latest social contribution is the platform for useful information for older adults and those taking care of them – JoinedInCare. The platform won the Excellence in Innovation 2022 award for Social Innovation.

Grija is our own product in the sphere of Age Tech and care in general. The aim of the software solution is to ease the pressure on the assistants and provide a bit more independence and protection to those needing care.